Hope to see you there at Settlers

Hello all,

Well I have the Alumni Band and Drill Team shirts sitting in my office.
There were 66 ordered and there is 23 extra to offer Saturday Morning
for those who didn’t get their order in. The 66 is a good indication of
the turnout that we will have.

I have gotten several e-mails back from folks concerned about being able
to march the distance. I want to encourage all not to worry. This is
more about community and the camaraderie of being together and enjoying
the experience than winning a competition like we did when we were in
high school. So if you can’t march the whole parade route, great then
fall in with the group when the band and drill team passes you in the
parade route and go as long as you like (even if it a few feet). If
you can’t play your horn or don’t have one anymore, no problem fall in
rank anyway and cover down. If you can’t kick (who can?) or do arm
swings drill team, don’t worry just march, (walk) along. We want you
there with us.

If your are interested in just marching a few blocks than may I suggest
entering just before City Hall (across from Perrins Field) where the
grandstand will be (remember we have a little showman in all of us) and
fall in rank as long as you want. And remember you don’t have to be
wearing the Alumni T-shirt to join in.

So everyone who can make it, join us at the Middle School (old High
School) to visit and pick up your T-Shirt order after 8:00 am. A little
after 9:00 am we will practice a few times and then fall into the parade
route after 9:45 for those starting out from the middle school. Those
who aren’t starting from the MS can pre-position themselves along the
parade route to watch the parade and join us when we come by.

Afterwards meet down at Mix Park down by the Reunion tables if you like.
We will likely have the Down Memory Lane Banner up and people in the
Alumni Band and Drill Team T-shirts will be millng around. At 3:30pm
Robert McDowall and Steve Roberts (Class of 1979) will be having a
battle of the drumsets??????.

There has been requests for the full video of Dad’s Memorial Service. I
will try to have that authored in time for duplication for those who
would like it. It will have the Ken Fisher Interview and the speakers
at the Memorial. There is also DVD of the Ken Fisher Interview that was
shown at the Memorial.

For those who have contacted me to let me know that can’t make it, I
want you to know we all understand and thank you for your thoughts and
memories from afar. Know we all will be thinking of you and remembering
the band and drill team trips and performances we have all shared.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Rob Fisher

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