New Category and Let’s Hear From You!

I just put up a new category called “I Was  There…..Settlers 2009”.  Let us hear from you.  Write your experience, thoughts and feelings about marching, watching or just thinking about Settlers 2009 and the “Award Wining Deer Park Alumni Band and Drill Team”.  Yes that is right we won the 2009 Settlers Day Parade SWEEPSTAKES trophy.  I will have a picture of it up on the website soon.

Write a post, if you can remember your username and password, and log on.  If you forgot them, e-mail me or add a comment to this post and I will send them to you.   Or any one reading this or any post can add your comment by clicking on the comment icon.  These comments come to me and then when I approve them, they will show up on the website under the post.

Thank you for all of you and look forward to hearing from you.

Rob Fisher

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