A Genuine Person with High Expectations

  • I first met Ken Fisher in the fall of 1964, 5th grade band “interview”.  After trying out for “chorus” and missing it with a slightly flat voice, Mr. Fisher asked me if I would like to learn band?  He asked me what instrument I played and I said, “Piano”.  He told me there were no pianos in a marching band but suggested sousaphone and that I would not need to buy an instrument since he had one I could use.  I said sure.  Turned out my best friend was going to play the same horn.  That was the beginning of good times, great memories and now a deep appreciation this person who was always so genuine and approachable to me.
  • As so many have mentioned in their remembrances already, it was special knowing him.  He will always be remembered.  Ken Fisher became my piano teacher during the 5th grade as well.  What was striking to me was that he sure expected a lot out of a somewhat hyper 12-year old.  After a couple years and a few piano recitals later, sports overtook my piano time.   Even to this day I remember the introduction to “Stars and Stripes Forever”, the last piece – it was really hard but Ken expected, and I learned it.  He definitely epitomized the adage, “people will rise to level of expectation” – and we did!   Because he expected high things of us, he pushed us beyond our comfort zone a little and we were better than before.   This was not just with a few, but almost everyone Mr. Fisher taught.  Amazing!  Even to this day, I regret not sticking with the piano lessons, however, my three children all learned and still play.
  • I last saw Ken last summer and the Old Settler’s time in the park.  I had not seen him since 1999 when he and Nancy came to my folks’ 50th anniversary.   He looked great and it somehow seemed it was just yesterday when we were under his tutelage.    I was saddened by the news of his passing and would have really enjoyed a future talk with him.   I am so grateful to those who assembled the DVD so we could see him, hear his laugh and touch his spirit one more time.
  • I want to thank the family – Nancy, Rob and his family – for the touching memorial celebration and sharing Mr. Fisher with us all.
  • With sincere regards,Tom Franks

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