A Note of Thanks

Step kick, step kick, step kick… shuffle, shuffle … jump splits, ripple bow. 

Why is it that I can’t remember where I put my car keys a few hours ago, but I can remember the flashy opening to our “Boise” routine?

I also remember a time after performing – looking around at my friends in the band and drill team and thinking, “This is so great. I wish time could stand still right now.” 

Mr. Fisher brought all those wonderful opportunities into being. What a creative genius – part Drill Sergeant; part Gene Kelly.   A masterful musician who could hear if a clarinet player hit a wrong note during the Star Spangled Banner.

I had such great respect and appreciation for this man then, and even more now.  Words cannot express my gratitude. Like so many others, I feel truly blessed to have been a part of what he created. So lucky to have known him; honored to have been someone he cared about.

And now that Mr. Fisher has taken his talents to the other side one can only imagine the possibilities. No doubt he will be spinning up something phenomenal.  I look forward to seeing him again and being a part of his next big show.

(gee, in heaven – maybe I can even be a “Tallie”)

Colette Bottinelli

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