The wonderful Mr. Fisher

Mr. Fisher and I first met when I was in 8th grade.  I tried out for drill team for 9th grade.

Mr. Fisher was very honest.  He told me I was well, kind of clutzy or some similar adjective  describing my lack of talent.  He did however give me the honor of sign carrier for the junior lilac parade.  Hey, I was thrilled.  I  practiced and practiced marching and it was so wonderful to be part of the group even if it was just holding a sign.  I bet no one knew that Mr. Fisher gave me  the socks I was suppose to wear.  Honestly, I don’t remember if my mom could not afford them but he had someone go buy me a pair and I accepted them happily so I could look like everyone else.    The next time I really got to know him was when I was  fortunate enough to be Miss Deer Park.  I was on the float next to the band.  I never saw a man so enthusiastic  as him.  He talked to all of us on the float and told us to make sure we gave a smile to everyone because we were from DEER PARK and that was something to be proud of.   I got to know him  a little more with some of the other local parades.   At the torchlight parade, we rounded a corner, went over the curb and two of the princesses fell off.  I hung on but Mr. Fisher was right there helping all of us and we went right on through the parade. He was always smiling, what a gift. I talked to him a few times in the band room that same year.  I loved the piano and had quit lessons early in grade school.  He encouraged me to take it up again.  I wanted to say that Dan Huffman and the rest involved in setting up the memorial did an awesome job.  WOW, it was so uplifting and joyous!  You put a lot of effort into it and I must say I was really impressed how it all was so true to his life.  I pray for the comfort that his family will need in his absence and for his close friends as well.  What a lovely man we all had the pleasure to know.

Bonnie vanRossem Ackerman  Class of 1973

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