Ken was a Great Leader and Friend

          Ken Fisher was apart of our family for many many years.  He was a instructor to my two sisters prior to me, as they were both apart of the band and drill team experience as well as myself.  Our whole family has been impacted by Ken’s presence.

Ken was my band instructor since 5th grade and he was a major inspiration to me through my learning years of school.  He always had advice for me and was always there if I needed help or direction.  He was a very caring person.

When I decided to go to WSU and join the band program, he was a great help to get  me into that program.  I was not old enough to go to the Rose Bowl with Ken and the D.P. band but I was able to join the WSU band and go to the Rose bowl in 1982,  march on the football field and enjoy that same experience, which looking back now was all possible because of the inspiration Ken gave me though my earlier years.

When ever I have had a opportunity to run into Ken and Nancy at Rosauers in D.P. he always wanted to know how things were going  in my life.  I am convinced he will never stop being concerned about his family and his friends and all the people he has come in contact with over his many years.
Thank You Ken,  You will be Greatly Missed!!!!!!

Gary Gibson

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