The Leader Of The Band

     I woke this morning to open the paper and find that probably the greatest influential person in my life has left us. I was a student of Mr Fisher in the late eighties. I am 37 years old, and to this day still play the drums, both in my studio in my basement, and around Spokane CDA and Idaho. Not a day goes by that I don’t play. I hold Mr Fisher as the source of my motivation. Everything I learned was due to his influence and his patience, he never gave up on you even when you didn’t believe in yourself, he did. He gave you the drive to do better,  Without even trying, he made you want to do it for him, simply because I didn’t want to let him down….He gave me hope.          Everything I know today, I learned from Mr Fisher, and I am forever grateful for his presence in my life. Both of my children play music, a gift I have shared with them as a result of Mr Fisher’s effect on my life.    I am filled with sorrow today at the loss of a great man, and a greater friend…the greatest influence I have ever Known… Thank You Ken for everything…I will miss you.Mick Reynolds..Class of 89

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