A Great Man

Knowing “the Fisher Family” has been a true blessing in my Life.  Moving to Deer Park in 6th grade …coming from a city that had a orchrestra/band combo.. I didn’t play a band instrument but, the violin.  Yet I really enjoyed being part of Band and wanted to continue…   even though I was late arrival (2 years) .. Mr Fisher was willing to let me in playing the clarinet.. even though I just was new/beginning at it.  I made sure  I learned it and fast..  I remember sore lips, tongue and cheek muscles.. I improved to his satifaction to be able to be part of the “regular’  classes.  I was so happy and thrilled..  It also, was sortof like the new Kid in school belonged.  Sounds corny but, I was soo scared about the move and all .. leaving all old friends behind..   It’s funny how the small things in life really amount to alot in your life.     I realize that he commanded (not verbally ) respect .. yet you didn’t feel forced.. you wanted to give him Respect automatically.  I still couldn’t call him “Ken”  It always has been “Mr. Fisher”.. just seemed wrong to say… Hey “Ken”   .. maybe I thought I would get one of those “Looks”  like” no you don’t looks  … one eyebrow up and the stare..   ok.. you know.. We would all quiet down or whatever we were doing ..stopped..        One of the nicest things was … our family at the time could not afford to get a instrument for each kid.. and so Mr. Fisher willingly took the clarinet to the Lund girl to share.   We couldn’t have been in band otherwise..   I appreciate that to this day.   It’s funny .. he asked me do you have anymore sisters…  4 of us are enough..   we all were “Lund”   .. that to was funny..   I appreciate the experiences  I experienced because of him and also, the values that he taught  .. excellance, dedication (to be on time and faithful to all practices and performances)  and to work hard and enjoy the benifits of a job well done..       I know that I will miss him so much… You just take it for granted… he’ll be at the next Settler’s Parade…  I just can’t imagine this life without him  in it.  I can only imagine how hard it is for Mrs. Fisher and for Rob and his family… Rachel portrait of him is amazing!!!  she captured his gestures and look as if it were a portrait..  I know she will miss her grandpa  and the rest of the grandkids… I will and have been praying for everyone during this time… for comfort and strength .. courage  ect.. My heart goes out to all the Fishers’!    There are so many memories   we all could relate many of them.  I am proud and honoured to have been a part of what he did.  I think I reeped more from it than he did.   I am sure of it.   It’s fun to tell the stories of growing up in Deer Park to my Kids.  They love to hear about the Drill team and Band .. the parades and competitions.  Going to East coast during the bi-centinial.. how the town rallied around to help get us there ect..   You don’t see such dedication much these days.  I wish for a person like Mr. Fisher in everyones life growing up.   my sincere condolances and prayers   Debbie (Lund) Vosburgh

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