I Share with my Children….

I was deeply sadden when I learned of the passing of Mr. Fisher.  I started band in 5th grade and continued in band during 9th and 10th grade, but it was the 4 years I spent in drill team that meant so much to me.  Mr. Fisher influenced me, as he did others, in so many ways.  He was strict but fair.  He was there for the students and he knew how to motivate us to strive for better and to believe in ourselves. I was extremely shy in school and he knew how to push me to get me out of my shell.  The memories I hold close to me to this day and I share with my children are the memories from drill team.  Performing at half time and having to do jump splits in ice and snow, preparing for Boise and doing the routines over and over, putting Vaseline on our teeth during the performances to keep us smiling and all the makeup and hairspray.  I remember during my Junior year, I think, I decided to grow my bangs out and Mr Fisher would always threaten to cut my bangs because they were in my face during practice – 16 or 17 years later, I still haven’t cut them.  I remember when we would have an awesome performance and seeing his smile on his face while we walked off the floor.  I was proud to be an Antlerette and a lot of it was due to Mr. Fisher.  He was a great man who I admired, respected, and forever will be grateful too.  He touched so many lives and he will always be remembered.

Alaina Windsor

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