A great friend

As a parent of one of Ken’s students, I will write from a little different perspective.  Sharon Losh was Ken’s music teacher for 12 years…..guiding her through to a college scholarship from this music and a lifetime of the pleasant uplift good music gives to all of us.

We as parents, are especially grateful to Ken for all of the wordless atributes has aspired her to:  integrity, honesty, leadership, scholarship is all classes, patriotism, responsibility and the list goes on.  He offered this to all of his students in the realm of a good Christian.  This was such a support and added benefit to parents who were trying to teach the same things.  To have this in her daily life at school also reinforced much more.  As we all know, the parents are always the best voice……only living it is best.

Through the years Ken & Nancy have become such very good friends.  They are the ultimate hosts and we’ve enjoyed that in their several homes.  Our love to Nancy & Rob and family and pray for their richest blessings in this difficult time.

Our Love,  Norm & Bev Losh

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