International Influence?

I was in shock when Vickee called to tell me about Mr. Fisher.  I guess I thought he would live forever!  He was such a stature of a man!

Drill Team was a huge part of my life.  When Mr. Fisher called to ask me if I would like to march in the Settler’s Parade with the alumni band and drill team, the first time, it was truly a dream come true for me.  To be able to do this one more time (which turned into many more times) and show my children what Drill Team was all about, was incredible.

Because of Mr. Fisher and Drill Team I was able to travel to so many different places and create so many wonderful memories.  I will never forget seeing Cyprus for the first time at Boise and seeing the look on Mr. Fisher’s face.  He told me his goal in life was to beat them!!  On one of the  trips to Los Angeles for The National Drill Team Competition, we were stranded in the LA airport for 24 hours due to the fog.   There was a gentleman there from another country wondering what Mr. Fisher was doing in the airport with all of these girls.  There was a slight communication barrier, so he dug out the famous tape recorder, we opened our suit cases, put on our white tennies, and performed the routine in the middle of the airport!   Lexie Prewitt later received a letter from the man and had to take it to Whitworth to be interepreted.  He was amazed by our team!

One day Vickee and I overheard someone refer to Mr. Fisher as “Ken”.  We both looked at each other and said that we would never feel comfortable calling him that.  He would always be Mr. Fisher to us.  He just deserved that kind of respect.  I will miss his wonderful laugh and warm smile.  He was one of the folks I looked forward to visiting with each year at Settler’s.  It won’t be quite the same this year or ever again.

As an adult I can appreciate the time he gave to the students at Deer Park and the sacrifices his family made.  Thank you, Mrs. Fisher, for sharing your husband.  Rob, thank you so much for creating this wonderful site for everyone to share our memories and gratitude for your dad.  What a wonderful tribute!  Blessings to all of you.

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