In honor of those he touched.

Firstly I would like to express to Nancy and Rob my most sincere sorrow for their families loss.

I remember Mr. Fisher as someone that I held in high regard and would be disappointed if I ever would let him down. I loved being in his band. First with clarinet, then with oboe. He had put his trust in me, someone who questioned her own value to do this job. Their were times when we went on trips, that it would be a strain on my family financially, but I never saw a child left behind because of their family status. We were all valuable in his eyes. If he only knew the pride he instilled in us to be in this great vision, his band.  He taught us things other band didn’t do, and made us stand above the rest. We looked to him for advise and in later years at the Settler’s picnic, he never forgot us. That big smile, those kind eyes. He would ask what we had been up to, all the while, now as an adult, I know he suffered the loss of Brooke, daddies girl. Still he never showed his pain. Nancy as well. They continued with their lives to build it into a loving family, so proud of Rob and grandchildren.

On the march at the end of his teaching career, marching in the alumni parade….the whistle to command us to bow was blown. I, standing by senior band members …we were reaching deep in the cobwebs of our minds….looked at each other…and like the years melted away we, closed ranks, swiveled to a single line and bowed.

I’ll never forget how proud Mr. Fisher was that day with his old comrades marching beside him, sweating, giving it our all, even if we were playing only the occasional note remembered. I’ll also never forget the  chills that ran down my spine with pride to have been a part of this family. What a day!

Once more the band will march for him. He will be beside us in his memory and again we will show our pride and honor for the man who made everyone have a little more self esteem than we would have with out him. God Speed, Ken Fisher until we all meet again.     Anita Graves Kraft

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