A Bright And Shining Light

Dear Nancy, Rob & Family,

Gosh…..where to begin?  The sadness I experienced when I heard of your/our great loss was overwhelming.  His generosity of spirit was felt by all of us whose lives he touched and far beyond.  His genuine joy of and sharing of his music was inspirational and healing on so many levels.

I have many fond memories.  I first met “Mr. Fisher” when I was in Junior High School where he was our band teacher.   At good ole Deer Park High he was my typing, band, and drill team teacher.  He always gave 200% and expected the same in return.  I remember one day in band we were practicing outside.   Kerry Burdega and I decided not to follow the class back into the school.  We just thought we’d skip the rest of class.  Somehow he noticed, found us, and sent us to the office.  Shish!!  We were two scared young ladies.  I was particularly worried because I just new “Mr. Pangle” was going to find out and I’d be in sooooo much trouble not only at school but at home.  Luckily (I’m sure luck had nothing to do with it) “Mr. Fisher” came into the office and asked us why we skipped out of class.  We told him the truth.  We just wanted to do it.  We didn’t really have a big agenda.  And, because we told the truth, he let us come back to class.   He did, however, let us sweat awhile in that office before letting us off the hook.

I remember going on the first Drill Team trip to
Idaho Falls.  Wow….. What an amazing experience for a troop of small town girls.  We were all so proud to be a part of the trip as well as being involved  in such an amazing drill team program.  There wasn’t a lot of choice, back then, for after school activities for girls.  Drill team was something else and the skills I learned have served me well over the years.

I also remember you and Ken riding your horses to our house.  You let Jennifer and me ride.  Jennifer got your horse and I got Ken’s.  Well, that giant horse knew he was “the boss of me” and he high tailed it home, at break-neck speeds with me hanging on for dear life and leaving the rest of you in the dust.  Well, they were digging a ditch across the road down by the swimming pool which brought him to an abrupt stop.  Of course, I immediately jumped down to safety.  Not far behind were Ken and my Dad.  Ken insisted I get back on the horse.  Hmmmm….that sure didn’t sound like a smart move to me. No way was I getting back on that beast.   But, with some insistence and encouragement, I was back on the horse and arrived home safely.

I’ve always held a special place in my heart for Ken.  He was a kind and gentle being.  He was a strong leader who led with love and respect, never brute force.  I can’t ever remember hearing an unkind word said about him by anyone.  He was loved by so many.  I’ve never met another person in my lifetime that had as much music running through his veins and was willing to share so unconditionally.  What a gift to the world.   What a legacy.

Blessings and Love

Kim Pangle

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