The Great Mr Fisher

It has been a very long time since I lived  in Deer Park. When I look back at all of the teachers that I had through out that period of my life, Mr Fisher is the only one who stands out. He set the example of  what a great teacher should be. I started band in the 6th grade and kept at it up through high school. If he had not been the great teacher that he was I would have lost interest and dropped it. He personally made me feel like I was successful, and made it fun to be there. The band trips were awesome! For a poor kid from Deer Park being able to go to the Calgary Stampede was HUGE! He was an inspiration and when my kids ask me about my school years and if I had any teachers that I liked, well Ken Fisher is the only one that I tell them about, because he DID make a difference.

Cynthia Oles Asher

3 thoughts on “The Great Mr Fisher

  1. robfisher


    Thank you for sharing and I am thankful that Dad was able to keep you motivated to stay with band. The band trips were very fun and I was lucky because I was able to go on trips before I was in band and the “BDK” (Band Director’s Kid).


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