Mr. Ken Fisher

Mrs. Fisher and family please accept my and my families condolences for your loss.  Mr. Ken Fisher was a GREAT man.  What example for all of us!  From the time my older brother was part of the band and drill team in 1976 when they went back east to the day he retired.  I was so impressed by the accountability and the need to be responsible human beings that I could not wait until I could be in the band.  I learned so much not only with relation to band, but just being a good person from Mr. Fisher.  Our trips to Boise, the Kingdome and other competions where I was honored to serve as the Drum Major for the band are unforgetable.    I remember a time when I was down at one of our competions and Mr. Fisher took me aside, put his arm around me and said, remember…”You be the example and they will follow”.  I still use that with my children today and my regret (maybe not Mr. Fisher’s) is that my children will not have the “Ken Fisher experience”.  Rest in Peace sir.  Randy Bean CLASS OF 1983

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  1. robfisher

    Thanks Randy for your comment. I really appreciate the “bit of wisdom” that Dad passed along about leadership. I can think of many moments that he put his arm around me and passed along “bits of wisdom”. Bits of wisdom that we appreciate later in life. I also use these examples with my own kids.

    I look forward to visiting with you at the Memorial Service. Thank you Randy.


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