There are two things that I think of when I think of Mr. Fisher.  First, he was one of the finest parents I have ever met.  As a classmate of Brooke’s, I watched her deal with many health challenges over the years.  Mr. & Mrs. Fisher never once let those challenges define Brooke.  Instead, they raised one of the most vivacious people I have ever met and one of the persons that – to this very day – I most admire.  Second, Mr. Fisher taught me what makes a great musician.  A musician is great not because of the notes he or she plays on a page; rather, a musician is great because of the life experiences he/she brings to those notes.  Thank you, Mr. Fisher – not only for the person you were, but for the persons you’ve helped so many of us become!

Craig Peterson

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  1. robfisher


    Thank you for you comments about Dad’s ability as a parent and teacher. Your were a great friend to Brooke and she was blessed to call you friend. Brooke’s health was a challenge, but that didn’t stop her or Dad from dreaming big and working hard. I am honored that he instilled that to both Brooke and I.

    Thank you for your contribution to this memorial and the lives of my family members.


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