Mr. Fisher, you will be missed!

First of all I would like to let the family of Mr. Fisher know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I was really saddened when I heard that Mr. Fisher had passed away.  He was such a wonderful man and teacher and inspired so many of us through the years.  I have so many great memories of him throughout school as my band teacher,  and leading us in drill team and cheerleading.  I wonder if I would have stayed in band all those years if it weren’t for Mr. Fisher’s constant inspiration and direction to striving for our best.  He had such a way with his students and treated us with such respect that in return we respected him greatly. I always looked forward to seeing him during the summer at the Settler’s parade leading the marching band and then those occasional run-ins at the supermarket or at graduation parties these past years.  No matter where I ran into him he always took the time to say hello and ask how everything was….and he wasn’t asking just to ask, he really cared and wanted to know. I’ll never forget how he always had such a hard time telling Machen and I apart…it was quite comical….but at some point in time he confessed to my Mom about how he finally got it.  He said that it was our hair.. Gretchen has the longer name and as long as I kept my hair a little longer and Machen kept her hair shorter he could finally tell us apart.  How funny!Well, I just am soo happy to have the many memories that I do have of Mr. Fisher and am so thankful that I was able to learn from and befriend such a wonderful man.Thank you Fisher family for sharing him with all of us and for this wonderful memorial.Gretchen Messerschmidt

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