Colleague and Friend

I had the pleasure of working with Ken for 22 years. We “shared” students, and never were unable to work it out so our kids could participate band, drill team and FFA without forcing them to make choices.

Last night I filled in as basketball announcer at DPHS and had the honor of giving a brief memorial to Ken before the start of the second game. I made it past the lump in my throat and quivering voice by not looking at anyone to tell a little about Ken. I was honored to make the announcement that the auditorium in the DPHS remodel will be named The Ken Fisher Memorial Performing Arts Center. That announcement was followed by a warm, sustained round of applause. We then observed a moment of silence in the memory of Ken Fisher. I was glad I had the chance to do this.

As I review the entries from former students, I am impressed by the fact that almost everyone called him “Mr. Fisher”. You may not realize what a great tribute that is.

Dan Birdsell

PS Max Sanchez asked me to add his name to this message.

2 thoughts on “Colleague and Friend

  1. robfisher

    Thank you Mr. Birdsell. Many many people over the years comment on how unusual and lucky DPHS students were to be able to participate in so many disciplines. You and Dad working together made it happen.

    Thank you for sharing about the basketball game the other night. I am humbled and grateful for your announcement and can but myself there knowing your “radio” voice from all the games you announced when I was in school.

    Thank you for your’s and Mr. Sanchez’s message. It means a lot and helps add to this memorial.


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