Words cannot express while the memories say it all

I have so many memories from band and cheerleading that revolve around Mr. Fisher. He was such an amazing man and an inspiration to so many!

I was one of the lucky ones to be a part of his marching band playing the flute and constantly battling for that honored first chair position! I remember that memorizing the music for the parades was not an option but a requirement! And my parents’ patience with me while I marched around outside playing my flute over and over again still makes me laugh!

Along with band, some of us added cheerleading or drill team to our activities and were lucky enough to have Mr. Fisher’s kindness and rules to guide us! He gave us cheerleaders a lot of free reign, but I remember a few times we tried to stretch the rules and we knew the look was coming! Sure enough despite leading the band at the football game, he still knew what we were doing down on that track!! The “look” was enough to remind us that the stunt we were attempting was not okay….or the long underwear pants under our skirts was not acceptable cheerleading attire — despite the fact that it was COLD and all the cheerleaders were in pants! That still makes me laugh because we truly did look ridiculous with white long underwear under our skirts. Spirit games were the best and he would let us arrive early to decorate and often Deer Park would win!! We did have to beg to drive ourselves to Riverside for these games to get there early because it was not part of the rules and now that makes sense as an adult.

We have started a group on Facebook called In Memory of Mr. Fisher and the memories listed on both that group’s page and here are so fun to read and bring the biggest smile and head nodding!

Thank you for sharing your father, husband and friend with all of us who were lucky enough to know him! May your memories continue to warm hearts and bring smiles!

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  1. robfisher


    Thank you so much for your post. Many of Dad’s students of old didn’t know that he was the cheerleader advisor in the years leading up to his retirement in 1993.

    Thank you also for starting the Facebook group:


    for Facebook members to share their memories. It has been great to go over there and read the stories. I look forward to hearing more in the future from those students of his last years teaching.

    Thank you again,


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