“Hey Look me Over”…

I transferred to Deer Park from Ferris. School had already been in session when I registered as a junior…my choices for “PE” were PE or Drill Team. The only prerequisite for Drill Team was the ability to do the splits…I could do that and still can do that. I did not ever try out for Drill Team.

I quickly made friends in Drill Team, forming bonds that would last a lifetime. I did not realize one of those lifetime friends would be Mr. Fisher. He taught me the value of hard work, he taught me how to be an advocate for girls younger than myself for my Team, he listened…no matter what you had to say…he listened. He taught us teamwork.

Yes, it is true, if you did not have attitude…you did learn attitude from Mr. Fisher. However, it was a healthy attitude about pride, teamwork, selflessness, and a motivation that I still strive to find a definition for to this day.

Drill Team Competition in 1985 we earned 5 of 7 trophies…exhausted from the trip and still riding the adrenaline, Mr. Fisher climbed aboard the bus and gave us his own standing ovation. In the difficult times of my life, I go back to “yesteryear” and remember how awesome we were to him at that time.

I am happy to say Mr. Fisher instilled into me the love for students and education. I am attending Eastern Washington University pursuing a double major of English and History in Secondary Education.

My sympathy, condolescences, prayers go out to his family.


Kelly Jo (Franklin) Kegerreis

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  1. robfisher

    Thank you for your post. It is great to hear that you are pursuing a career in teaching. The memories of going to Boise and drill team competitions whether in your were in band or drill team was awesome especially when we brought home trophies…which as you know personally happen quite a bit.

    Thank you Kelly Jo,


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