Gotta love him.

Rob, Nancy, Tina and family–peace and blessings to your family–we are so sorry to hear of your loss.

In talking to Marty and reminiscing  about the Deer Park days, we have recalled many memorable experiences that were band related.  Trips to Boise, Lilac parades–the trip for the bicentennial.  Clearly our lives were enhanced by all of the energy and commitment Mr. Fisher brought to his students every day.  You couldn’t get away with much around him and his high expectations became yours.

It was great to see Ken at the Settler’s picnic most years and to get an enthusiastic catch up–his brief encounters with our daughter inspired her to give the trumpet a try (fortunately she switched to the guitar).

Thank you for sharing Ken with us–our lives are better for it.

Leslie Curtis Smith

One thought on “Gotta love him.

  1. robfisher

    Hello Leslie and Marty,

    It is so great to hear from you and thank you for sharing your memories. All three of us could sit and reminisce about those Boise Trips, basketball games and Philadelphia. To dad the educational experience of travel and seeing our nation was just as important as the music, dance and performance. Also important to him was that we all had fun and to make long time friends.

    It was great to see you and your daughter at the park. I remember Dad encouraging your daughter about trumpet.

    I look forward to see all of you in the future and again we thank you for your post.


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