“not the only student”

I know that I am not the only student that was influenced by Ken Fisher but I just wanted the family to know that when I started making decisions about my career and ended up in education, Ken’s influence and example is what moved me to get involved and teach music in a little public school.

In my first band class with Ken in 7th grade I wanted to play trumpet.  But Ken needed a French Horn player.  He looked at my lips and said “You could play French Horn”  So that’s what I did and really enjoyed playing it all through school.

Of course the most memorable event was the 1970 Rose Bowl parade.   That was a chance of a lifetime and as I look back am amazed at all that Ken had to organize to pull that off with the size of the group he took.

He was a pretty amazing guy.  Thanks, Ken.

Doug Longly

2 thoughts on ““not the only student”

  1. robfisher

    Thank you Doug for your input. I can remember that you were on his mental list of previous students who turned “pro” as music teachers. I know the Longly name was one of the many that came up as a topic around the dinner table and it was all good.


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