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I never took band, but I was in chorus for four years.  In those days the first period consisted of two classes and a study hall.  there were about 20 kids in the study hall in the library and the rest of the school was in band or chorus.  Why?  I believe it was Ken Fisher.  He influenced every student in Deer Park from the day he got there to love music in any form, and he did that by being a truly wonderful person and teacher.

I’ve often wished I had stayed with the clarinet I started in Clayton Grade School, instead of the voice.  Voices fade and fail, but the instrument goes on and on.  Since then I have purchased a used bass clarinet and am teaching myself, and I often remember Mr. Fisher, and wish he was teaching me, as he taught so many others.

I don’t have that many fond memories of school days, but Mr. Fisher and some other teachers are very bright memories.

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  1. robfisher

    Thanks for your comment. When I have talk with other people they are amazed that we came from a small school with band members were in sports and we still had such a large band. It is very rare that a school of DP size had that many in band.

    Keep up the bass clarinet. You will always be able to enjoy it for years to come. I know all my kids have recommitted themselves to practice.



  2. robfisher

    Also I am trying to figure out who your are. Would you mind editing you post and adding your name. If not then that is okay. It just fun for others to see who left a post.



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