Funny little thing….

I found myself humming “Hey Look Me Over” today.

Mr. Fisher always brought out the best in me, even if I didn’t want him to.  The values he taught me during those four years have been with me since and I have tried to teach them to my own children.

It was an honor to have been a student of his. I will never forget going to Boise in 1979 and placing 1st in all catagories!!!!! I was one of the Drill Team captains at the time. The best we had done before that was 2nd, every year 2nd to Cypress. We were so proud, we finally did it.  He always made you feel special to be an Antlerette!!!

A few years later, while my husband and I were entertaining business associates, I was making small talk with a woman.  Somehow we got on the subject of where we grew up. She told me she was from Cypress,Utah.  When I told her I was from Deer Park, WA she gasped and said,” I know of Deer Park, they were always our biggest competition at the Boise Drill Festival.” She had been on that Cypress Drill Team that we all strived so hard to beat.  She told me that all they ever wanted to do was beat Deer Park !!! Imagine that!.

My little hometown is world renowned thanks to Ken Fisher. If you marched wearing a DP uniform you held your head high. Practically every kid in town was in band or drill team, no one wanted to miss out on the opportunity to travel and have fun with classmates. I believe we were the largest band to march in the Parade of States for the BiCentennial in 1976. Boy, did we sound good!  Thank you Mr. Fisher, you gave many kids the opportunity to travel through music and dance.

You will be missed.

Linda (Kazmark) Albers

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  1. robfisher

    Hello Linda,

    It is sure good to hear from you even under the circumstances. Your senior year was a great year at Boise. We were and Dad were very proud.

    My mother-in-law enjoyed your story because she remembers Cypress from when she chaperoned the trip in 1978.

    Thanks so much for your memory it adds so much for to the website.

    Hope to see you at one of the reunions and hope all is well with you.


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