Just keep smiling!

Nancy, Rob, Tina, Kids and family,   With a saddened heart, I send you my condolences for your loss. But I write to celebrate Ken’s life. What an inspiration he was and is to so many people in his life. From your site it is obvious he touched so many. He made us all feel special and as if we were part of your family.  Mr. Fisher, it was always “Mr. Fisher” until much later, began teaching me baton when I was about to begin 3rd grade, 1963. He wrote my lessons in a notebook, asking, “Do you read cursive?” Not wanting to disappoint, I replied, “Yes!” I’m not sure I even knew what cursive was yet! When I began performing baton Mr. Fisher coached me to keep smiling even if I dropped the baton or made a mistake in my routine. “Pick it up with grace and a smile, no one will remember the mistake.” That advice got me through many a parade and half-time show, and many experiences in life since.  We will all miss Ken, but none of us will forget his smile or how many smiles he gave us!  Love to you all, Carolyn

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  1. robfisher

    Cursive writing was pretty important to Dad. He penmanship was old school and I wish I had just a fraction of his cursive ability. It is sure good to hear from you. Tina says hi and remembers your 4H days.

    Thanks for much contributing in Dad’s memorial.


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