Who was your favorite teacher?

When they ask the security question for internet accounts – Who was your favorite teacher?  It’s Mr. Fisher.

After locating my Antlers from my high school days (1962 to 1965!), I was reminded Mr. Fisher was my chorus teacher in 1962-63 – I believe his first year at DPHS.  As many others have stated, he made you want to do better.

I also remember that Christmas party at his house when you were a toddler, Rob!  I also remember your Dad snuck away for a short time to watch one of his then favorite shows – I Love Lucy! 

It was always a proud moment to watch the Lilac Parade and see our school band parade by with Mr. Fisher by its side!!   This is thanks to his hard work and passion for all of us.

And then Mr. Fisher became my children’s band teacher – David and Kim.  Times were financially challenging for our family, but we could afford $1.50 for drumsticks for David to have band with Mr. Fisher!  Mr. Fisher let David take the drum set home for the summer – – to our single-wide mobile home!!!  The drum set filled David’s bedroom and we all got to rock out!

I began work as secretary at DPHS in 1978.  I was able to be a chaperone on one of the band trips – this one was to Vancouver, B.C.  Such fun to sleep on the floor in the sweaty locker room of a Canadian hockey team and to share in the excitement of those students and their participation in Vancouver!

Mr. Fisher will always be one of the most caring, respectable, talented, honorable, compassionate and most memorable people in my life.  Thank you to his family for sharing him with us.

 Jonnie Hamilton Rogers, Class of 1965

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