I will remember him for his kindness to me….

When it came time to memorize your music and be tested by Mr. Fisher, it was common knowledge that it would be done in front of God and everyone. I played in the band very well, but would get extremely nervous by “shaking” when it was time to play in front of everyone. Mr. Fisher realized this, and made a point to always take me in his office where I would be able to play without shaking. He took the time to make me feel comfortable and not embarrased in front of my peers. He knew my playing ability, and always made a point to let me know that he was aware of it and proud of me. He never pressured me to try and play in front of everyone by “myself”. He was a very kind teacher, always with a smile on his face, and a “hello” to everyone he would see in the hallways.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Fisher family in there time of loss.

Patty (Germani) Carrick, wind instruments section, band years 1979-1981. Class of 1983.

One thought on “I will remember him for his kindness to me….

  1. robfisher

    Thanks Patty for your thoughts. I certainly don’t remember you being nervous about playing. Dad had a great sense of what people needed to do their best. Thanks so much for your contribution to the website and hope to hear from you again.


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