Introduced us to Town, City and Community Pride

From the time my friend Tish Hudson Stephens emailed to share the news of Mr. Fisher’s passing, I have been visiting this website.  Heartfelt condolences to all of the family and much gratitude for this wonderful website as a tribute to his life.  He touched countless people in such individual ways.  I have found it extremely moving to read others entries.

We were the class of 1967, so we were in the early years, sort of the foundation of his legacy with the Deer Park High School Marching Stags.  What great memories we all have.  They definitely frame my high school days and give reference to all that I did.  As dairy farmers our lives involved the farm, family, friends and 4-H.  Mr. Fisher is the one who brought us off the farm and introduced us to town, city and community pride. I’ve always contributed him to putting Deer Park “on the map” making it a place we were all proud of.  Others have so skillfully described the pride we felt representing the band beyond our community.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have remembered a flood of personal experiences that were especially meaningful to me.  That Christmas party at Fisher’s home was magnificent.  It was like going to the Davenport Hotel and more.  I totally agree with Melinda’s report.  One year I worked in the school office as a helper 6th period.  I can see Mr. Fisher coming in checking his mail box and disappearing around the corner toward the staff room, always so pleasant and professional . . . yes the key jingling.  I was in the pep band and thoroughly enjoyed playing and watching many of my friends in the drill team performing across the gym. I was always impressed at how snappy and exact they were.  We were in band when the announcement of the assasination of President John F. Kennedy came across the loud speaker.   The Fishers welcomed both my brothers into their home for brief periods during their high school days.

Since the early 1970’s, my family has lived away from Deer Park and been out of touch.  A surprise meeting a few years back has become a precious memory.  My in-laws were visiting from Nebraska and we had an outing to The Iris Farm in St. John.  We drove into the parking area in the field, unloaded and began walking toward the fields watching out for this big car that was backing out.  Soon I noticed it paused and the window rolled down and a familiar voice said, “Diane Seimer is that YOU.?”  It was Mr. and Mrs. Fisher!!  We had a great visit, picking up where we had left off in the 60’s.

My last encounter with him,was during our 40th reunion at The Settler’s Picnic in 2007 which was another great visit.   This website has allowed us to know so much more of the total man Mr. Fisher was.  Our lives were forever changed because of him and I am so grateful  and honored to have shared in his legacy.


Diane Seimer Rice

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