Fond Memories

I was a freshman in 1962 when Mr. Fisher talked to me about drill team and locked arms with me in the instrument storage room to show me how to do leg kicks.  What a giggle!  Shortly after that Mr. and Mrs. Fisher invited Julie, Joyce Jennifer and me to take a trip to Idaho with them, where we could watch some drill teams compete.

W e were in an operetta the Friday we needed leave, so he and Nancy waited for the show to end, packed us all up in their station wagon and drove us that night to Idaho to get us to the competition on time.  I still remember my mouth hanging wide open when I saw the drill teams that competed!  I thought it would be impossible to be able to do the kinds of things we saw.  Of course I was wrong!

We became the first “High Steppers” in the front of the band.  There were two more girls added, and along with the sign carriers, we marched, slapped, snapped in unison, and high kicked our way through the parades.

I recently told Mr. Fisher that I still have a recurring dream where we miss the band as we watch the students march proudly around the WSU stadium without the High Steppers.  I feel so horrible for messing up!  That dream is based on reality.  We went to WSU to perform with the band when Julie, Joyce, Jennifer and I asked Mr. Fisher if we could run to the Pub and get a hamburger.  He told us to hurry, and off we went.  When we arrived at the Pub we were shocked at how busy it was there.  We hurried as fast as we could, ate, and returned to the stadium.  It was too late.  The band was going around the stadium without us.  We were sure that Mr. Fisher would kill us, but instead he smiled.  He was so kind and positive.

I will never forget the Christmas party Ken and Nancy had when I was in high school.  It was at their home near the old Deer Park Mill.  It was the most beautiful home I had ever seen.  I can still see the sparkling tree the beautiful sun room and the crackling fire in the fireplace.

If you have ever seen “What a Wonderful Life” you realize what a gift the Fisher Family gave to so many lucky folks!  I am privileged to have been among those whose lives were touched by Mr. Fisher and his entire family.


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  1. robfisher

    Thank you Melinda for you wonderful contribution to the website. The trips were as much a part of Band and Drill Team as performing. I got to go to most of them. I don’t really remember if I was on the one you spoke of. Thank you again and I hope to see you at the memorial service if you can make it.


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