Thank you, Mr. Fisher

I must start by saying that this man had everything to do with my 28 years ((& counting)  of playing drums as a professional, I owe him SO MUCH.  I was preceded in his band classes by my two older brothers, Ric & Rob. They were both 1st chair players, & both had a ton of respect for him, also.  He obviously had high expectations for me.  I was usually battling for the first chair spot, or to keep it, with him always expecting nothing but my very best.  Thanks to Mr. Fisher’s big heart, I was able to keep the school’s drumset at my DP home during my Junior & Senior years. That time-span is when I learned to play Rock n Roll, & could NOT have done it without his trust & support.  The experiences with him @ parades, field competitions, drill team competitions in Boise, & the 6 years of band class with him, will be with me always. I loved how he could make you feel proud, or make you take possession of your shortcomings, & better them. It amazed me how he could play all of the instruments, effortlessly. Watching him march proudly alongside the marching bands all those years, with his chin held high, & a soothing smile, will be an image that will not ever fade. I was so lucky to be able to shortly chat with him & pose for a pic,  last summer @ Mix Park, during Settler’s Days. I won’t be able to attend the memorial in DP…..thank you, Robert, for creating this site so I can express these things to everyone interested. God Bless you,  Mr. Fisher.

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  1. robfisher

    Hello Russ,

    Thanks so much for taking time to write something. It was good to see you with Dad at Mix Park. I remember your drum solo during the Boise routines….you did him proud. Understand how your are not able to attend but writing something here means even more. Hope to see you at another Settler’s Day. I share his love of going to Settlers and the park so see your there in the years to come.


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