Memorial, Condolences and Updates

This will  be the active blog part of the Memorial Website.  This is were anyone can post their memories, condolences and updates.  Feel free to participate as you like.   Anyone can comment, but to post an article you will need to register.  It is easy to do.   Click on the register link on the left side of the website.  After you are registered you can comeback and contribute anytime you wish.   Please check back often as the family, friends and previous students will hopefully be adding content.   Anyone can contribute by commenting on any of the posts using the comments link at the bottom of posts.  At least leave a comment to the family.

Today I will be posting an new page about the Dad’s Last Day.  It will be accessible on on the left sidebar.  I will be posting daily updates.

6 thoughts on “Memorial, Condolences and Updates

  1. robfisher

    I have posted a page of Dad’s Last Day. It is on the upper left side of the page.

    Any one that visits this site can leave comments. On any post just click on the no comment or comments link at the bottom of the post.

    If you want to contribute with a post, just register with the link under Meta.

    You can subscribe to the posts (Entries) or comments by clicking on the RSS links to the left of the pages.

  2. jonnierogers

    Hi Rob, Thank you for this site and the opportunity to be able to learn more about your father – a very special man in so many people’s lives. What a great way to remember him and celebrate his life!

    I also wrote something that I saved and I don’t know how to get it posted.

    Jonnie Rogers

  3. robfisher

    Everyone who visits the website should be able to leave a comment by clicking on the comment or no comment link at the bottom of the articles.

    For those logged in you can leave a comment in the Leave a Reply box of any article.

    For those who are registered you have contributor privileges which means you can write articles (posts). When you sign in, you should have a menu to write a post. It is like a mini word processor. Below should be 2 buttons. Save and continue editing, and Save. The Save buttons save it for you and then I or another site administrator will publish ASAP.

    Thank you for all that are contributing and will contribute in the future. This website is living memorial to Dad as long as we all wish to contribute. Our family and all of you will be editing and updating as we can. If you have pictures, audio or video I can put those up if you wish. Just let me know.



  4. Michelle Miller Petersen

    Many Good Memories of Mr.Fisher…. It’s amazing how one person can make such a difference in so many lives….

    Mr. Fisher is one of those rare people who has touched so many of us for the better. He made a difference in our perspective of reaching our goals and how to work hard to achieve perfection. I too remember meeting Ken Fisher for the first time in the fifth grade band class at the Clayton middle school in 1965. I was struggling to make a sound come out of my new clarinet and a resounding squeak filled the whole room. He looked at me sternly and told me that if I would have to try harder than that. I was so humiliated that day, but it made me try harder to master my instrument. I thought to myself, I will proove to him that i can do it! My goal was to make 1st chair. I practiced every school night for at least an hour during the 7 years I had him as a band teacher. I was 2nd chair out of 30 clarinetists for several years until my Junior year; I finally made 1st chair! My hard work finally paid off.

    I was also one of the high steppers who marched in front of the band for the parades. I remember in class while we were practicing our routines that if someone would make a mistake,we would have to stop, and start the routine all over again until we got it perfect. He demanded perfection. It paid off, because we made 1st place at the Boise Idaho drill team compitions. He taught us how to make high goals and how to acheive them. A great lesson that has carried over to our daily lives years later. He gave us a reason to have good self esteem and a pride for our accomplishments. He promoted a “I can do this” attitude.

    I was also one of the lucky ones who got to go to the Rose Bowl parade in Califorina in 1970. We praciced for almost a full year before going; we marching about 3 miles every day. We sold Almond Roca to help make monetary funds for the trip. Everyone in the band got to go! I’ll never forget flying over California for the first time and seeing a swimming pool in the back yard of almost every home we saw. We stayed at the UCLA dorms. We had so much fun that I doubt we got much sleep. We had two bus drivers that took us everywhere. One of them was a man who was quite big….at least 300 lbs. Someone nicked named him “Twiggy” and it stuck. He loved it! He said that we were the nicest group of kids and he actually visited our school later that spring. Just before the 5 mile parade the Officials were handing out salt tablets so no one would get dehydrated or pass out. Everyone made it to the end. We also performed at Disney Land. It was one of the high lights of my life.

    Thank you Mr.Fisher for contributing to so many lives during your lifetime. Our good memories will live forever.

    My Condolences to Nancy Fisher and Family.

    Respectfully, Michelle Miller Petersen

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